Psychic Psychotherapy

~ Therapy, Buddhism and Tarot to Heal Minds and Souls ~

Are you suffering?

Will you open your mind and your heart for healing?

Psychic and spiritual healing happen in the present moment. This moment. Right NOW. Here and Now, we contain the sum total of our lives, and determine our futures. I can help you actualize this reality.

This is a work of Love.

Love IS strong enough, if you let it be.
Reach out to me today, let's see what we can do.

Hello ~

I became a licensed psychotherapist in 1996. In that capacity, I served countless Kaiser Permanente patients in Southern California for just over twenty years.

My "Psychic Psychotherapy" work calls upon my extensive clinical skill, and my natural psychic ability. This integrative approach includes Tarot Card readings, plant medicines, Buddhist and other spiritual teachings to heal the mind, and Soul. 

Diana Little, LMFT

Psychotherapist & Spiritual Counselor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC#32455

~ Psychic Psychotherapy Can Help Heal ~

Emotional Pain

Accept and transcend depression, anxiety and trauma. All moods, even grief, rise and fall. We are greater than our suffering. We are Divine. 


All are challenging ! Romantic, Family, Friends, Bosses... The most difficult and important, is your relationship with yourself.


Drugs, alcohol, sex, relationships, food, gambling, shopping... Addiction is not healed alone. Therapy is just one piece of that work.

~ I Provide ~

Tarot Readings

I will read your cards, with or without therapeutic questioning and direction. Both are valuable. Tell me which you prefer!


I will teach you various forms of meditation. We will find what is most helpful for your own personal practice.

Talk Therapy

You talk, I listen. I'll ask questions, guide and advise you. I am clear, direct and go deeply to the heart if the matter.

~ What My Clients Say ~

Over the many years that Diana Little was my therapist, she brought insight, awareness and comfort to me when complex issues created anxiety and distress.  She often let light in, and sometimes laughter, too!  Grateful admiration to her spirit and her skill.

Merrill G.

Diana is incredible.  I was struggling with a few major life decisions, including a career change and a potential move. She was able to help me sort things out and feel confident in my next steps. Forever grateful.

Kevin L.

I have known Diana Little since 2016 when she led a meditation group. I asked her to be my individual therapist and she became my anchor to sanity. She saw me through some traumatic times with exceptional empathy, compassion and wisdom. I highly recommend her as a therapist!

Becky K.
"Diana’s tarot readings are always helpful and inspiring. I find her intuitive interpretation of the cards, her knowledge and experience as a therapist, and her caring personality all combine to make her readings insightful and meaningful. Diana has helped guide me through some difficult events and has given me hope when times were darkest. She is truly gifted in her work!"
Amy V.

Honestly, Diana is the only person I will trust to give me an accurate reading. She has a distinctive ability to read cards and intermingle a psychic prowess that helps me understand and explore more about myself. I wholly believe and trust in her cards, her ability and her technique.

Chris G.

Diana worked with me on my mental health. The information and advice I received in our time together was incredibly valuable in moving forward with my life and dealing with my daily struggle with mental health. If it wasn't for Diana, I would not be where I am or the person I am today.

Scott H.

Diana's loving, open minded approach has helped me learn to be more present, become stronger in the face of my codependent tendencies, and develop a more meaningful way of existing in the world and relating to those around me. I am beyond grateful for her help becoming the best version of myself.  

Holly F.

Ready to Heal?

Please reach out to see if I can help.
Diana Little, LMFT

Psychotherapist & Spiritual Counselor

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist MFC#32455

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